« The Zero-waste lifestyle » by Amy Korst

During my last trip in NYC I found this book at Barnes & Nobles in the « New » section:

I really think I’ve never been so right by buying a book spontaneously before!

Only the title seemed to answer so many of my questions. And the feeling was right: reading The Zero-waste lifestyle » has changed my life forever!

It is really about reducing or should I say suppressing garbage at home, while adopting a genuine simple but still modern lifestyle.
I strongly recommend it to anyone who is already into reducing his carbon print foot and wants to go further, find new tips and encouragements. For those who discover the subject it might be a bit much in my opinions because it questions many different aspects of everyday life at home are at the same time.

There is also a nice useful blog you can visit here.

So let’s go composting, recycling, up-cycling and sharing new ideas!

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