April 24th will be Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24th 2014 will take place the first Fashion Revolution Day in honour of the 1133 garment makers who were killed in a single incident in april and call for change so that this can never happen again.

This annual appointment on the anniversary of the disaster will help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.


Fashion revolution day initiates a process of discovery, raising awareness of the fact that buying is only the last click in a long journey involving hundreds of people: the invisible workforce behind the clothes we wear.

How can we get involved? 

The first Fashion Revolution Day is based around the theme ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’

With one simple gesture, wearing an item of clothing #insideout, we’re asked to question who made our clothes, to imagine the thread from the garment, to the machinists who sewed it, all the way down to the farmer who grew the cotton.

CaptureGet in contact with brands and ask them ‘Who Made Your Clothes‘, to discover the real people throughout the supply chain.

  • Send the brand a photo/video of your garment on Facebook/Twitter and ask Who Made Your Clothes? Let FRD know by tagging it with #InsideOut and @Fash_Rev
  • Use the Fashion Revolution Day Trump Card Game to find out how ethical your garments are. Then play the game with your friends!
  • Play the Fashion Revolution Day Quiz to test your knowledge!

Capture 1We need to become more curious about how our clothes are made and who made them.

Look at the labels on your clothes. Where is it from? Who made it?


I’m personally taking part of this by:

  1. spreading the message of the campaign
  2. promoting the fashion revolution by wearing a ‘Who made your clothes?’ t-shirt inside out on April 24th


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